Vinyl Decal/Graphic Installation Instructions:

Please read these instructions completely before starting. Applying these graphics takes a bit of time and patience. Rushing will most likely lead to mistakes. Once the vinyl sticks to the surface, it CANNOT be re-positioned!!


The surface must be clean, and free of all dirt, was, oils, etc. Use Windex or a similar cleaner to clean the glass. You may also use the application fluid mentioned below. Formula 409 will remove products like Rain-X. Use rubbing alcohol or wax remover on painted surfaces. Vinyl Decals are prepared using 3 layers of material. The top layer is called the Application or Transfer Tape. It may look like regular masking tape or a clear, low-tac (not very sticky) sheet. The middle layer is the actual Sticker. The third, bottom layer is called the Backing Paper which protects the graphic until use. 

Dry method works well for metalized(the holographic part) graphics and decals:

Some tools you may need : a needle (sewing, etc.) and a small squeegee or old credit card/driver’s license, sharp razor knife, masking tape, etc.

The Decal is best applied at room temperature (55 to 75 degrees) or above. The warmer it is, the better it works. However, try to avoid direct sunlight. Working with the decal still in 3 layers, take the supplied squeegee and flatten the Decal on both sides by rubbing over it. If the Decal was shipped in a tube, lay it out flat and let it sit for an hour or more in a warm location. It will be easier to handle when flat. Next, try to make sure the air bubbles are removed as much as possible. There should be a minimum of bubbles.

When ready to apply, carefully plan and position your decal on the surface you are applying it to (Videos are available with measurements and placement can be found here: Once you have it located where you want it, you can use a couple strips of masking tape at the top as a “hinge”. At the hinge location, start to remove the backing material SLOWLY. The backing is the heavier gauge paper. As you start to expose the adhesive decal and application tape, use your squeegee or other edge to facilitate application, allowing no air bubbles or wrinkles to form. Remember, you must go slowly if you don’t want to mess up! If a letter or other portion of the graphic starts to come off with the backing, simply re stick the graphic to the backing tape and rub it with a fingernail or card to re-tack it to the application tape.

At this point your graphic AND application tape should be applied.  The next step is to use your supplied squeegee again over the application tape to make sure the vinyl decal is applied in all areas. The transfer tape will allow you to rub the decal without damaging it. 

Peel back and edge of transfer tape SLOWLY. At the same time watch all the small letters and corners, especially on the holographic bolt, to make sure they are sticking to vehicle and not the transfer tape. It helps to work as flat to the surface as possible (pull the application tape approx. 180 degrees to the surface). Remember, do not rush this process!  Once the transfer tape is removed, take your fingers and rub gently over the corners and points of your decal to make sure they are glued firmly to the surface. If you have any air bubbles, use the needle to put a tiny pinhole in the bubble. This will allow the air to escape. Press around the air bubble, working the air to the small hole. The smallest of bubbles will probably go away themselves in a couple days as the vinyl sets.

REMBEMER! Once the Decal touches the surface, it cannot be moved again. Patience, grasshopper!

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You can find decal installation instructions here:

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